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iPAD Application Categories Explained

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Books. DEFINITION: This is for all things book related, interactive or not. The applications in this category include content that would traditionally be offered in print. EXAMPLES: Stories, novels, fiction titles, non-fiction titles, travel guides, cookbooks, etc. NOVELTY: Interactivity in the form of page marking, highlighting, keeping notes, etc. depending on the reader application. Business. DEFINITION: The applications in this category aim at …


Images do not lie! Seriously?

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The common belief is that images reflect reality. However, there are three aspects to every image that are important in interpreting the information provided: content, intent and context. Add the creator and the viewer to this equation and you have a recipe for information manipulation To make things simpler, first consider means. When you decide to take a picture there are a number of aesthetic and technical decisions that …


Seeing is Believing?

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The main aim of using visual support during your talk is to enrich, clarify, or expand your message in the most effective way. As a speaker you address your audience’s aural skills. With an electronic presentation you address their visual skills. With your presence (voice, gestures, etc.) you address both. All three methods engage your participants’ minds and hearts. It …


The Hidden Emotions of Colours

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Maya Angelou has said that: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will not forget how you made them feel”. Nowhere is this more applicable than during a presentation. In order to make a lasting impression, the presenter should address both the listeners’ minds as well as their hearts. Colours are associated with …


The Hidden Dangers of Colours

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When designing a presentation, the speaker has a wide range of colours available with infinite possibilities to adjust the brightness, contrast and variations. Proceed with caution. The palette of colours available does not necessarily mean that you should use them all. The slide template that you have adopted, or even better, the one you created yourself should function as your …


Presentation Legends

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Preparing a presentation, practicing how to deliver it and, finally, presenting in front of a live audience is not an exact science. It is rather a collection of good practices and hours spent observing speakers and listeners. It is the result of experimentation and in many cases of personal trial and error. However, there is consensus among presenters, supported by …


Headlines: 140 characters or less!

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An effective message needs to be: concise, clear, direct and specific. In a presentation this holds true for all types of text used, from the title to the headlines, from quotes to details. As a presenter do not confuse the written version of your talk with the content of your slides.” Save the words for speaking” is a general instruction to presenters. …


The creation of meaning is art

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Pictures are (or should definitely be) an integral part of each presentation. There are two channels of communication speakers usually employ: verbal and visual. While you may be addressing the former with your physical presence, you employ the latter to enhance, support or explain your message even further. A picture is worth a thousand words. However, in the case of …


Charting Outside the Box

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One of the trickiest problems in a presentation concerns the results of research or surveys. They usually deal with numbers which provide the necessary evidence or examples for your main points. Any presentation software you may use comes with a facility which can convert your results into colourful charts. However, these charts can be repetitive and difficult to read from …