The creation of meaning is art

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Pictures are (or should definitely be) an integral part of each presentation. There are two channels of communication speakers usually employ: verbal and visual. While you may be addressing the former with your physical presence, you employ the latter to enhance, support or explain your message even further. A picture is worth a thousand words. However, in the case of …


Mirror, mirror…!

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If your knees shake before you give a presentation, if you get butterflies in your stomach at the thought of standing before an audience, think of the following: You are unique. Nobody else is like you. The audience in the room wants to share your expertise, to learn from your experiences, to find out what you think. You are creating …

ibook iPad

Digital storytelling and the iPad

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Everyone has stories to tell, including our students. Stories come from a variety of places, from a person’s past to their imagination. Some can be funny, some can be painful, but all are personal. Digital storytelling is the process of writing about that story, and adding the multimedia elements of voice, imagery, and music to create a visual story (Jakes …


Toss the script

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Have you been to a play only to find the actors holding the script in their hands and reading from it during the performance? Absurd you would say. Have you been to a talk at a conference or at work only to find the speaker reading from his notes totally ignoring you? In my experience, quite often. Are Actors more …


Charting Outside the Box

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One of the trickiest problems in a presentation concerns the results of research or surveys. They usually deal with numbers which provide the necessary evidence or examples for your main points. Any presentation software you may use comes with a facility which can convert your results into colourful charts. However, these charts can be repetitive and difficult to read from …

Is experience simply the name we give our mistakes?

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So you have been presenting for years, right? You have exposed yourself to different audiences, right? You have dealt with a variety of topics from the more mundane to the more sophisticated and demanding ones, right? So you have been ther, you have done that! There is nothing more to learn, right? Well, life is not as simple as that. …


The benefits of storyboarding

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While storyboarding is not a new sport, it can contribute immensely to the fitness and wellness of your presentation. As a presenter you are providing your audience with a narrative that should have all the qualities of a good story. It should have an exciting plot, electrifying characters, unpredictable twists and turns to surprise your audience and a unambiguous message.  …


The Ten Minute Rule!

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Do you find that during your presentation your audience seems to be switching off? Especially, after the first ten minutes? If you are not, perhaps you are not reading your audience correctly. If you are, then you need to consider how you structured your presentation. Facts In other words, your audience may need a break, i.e., a change in the variety of materials in …


Be a keynote speaker

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Creating an effective presentation can be an intimidating challenge. Selecting the appropriate software can be an even greater one. Especially, if you are a PC user who also has an iPad or an iPhone, like me. Which software do you use to build your presentation and which device do you take with you to your talk? The real question for …