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The final version of the presentation is finished and securely saved on the hard disc. So you think you are ready to go and give a presentation. Right? Think again.

Table 1 : Presentation Skills Practice Book, G. Drivas Ch. Sotiriou, p. 31, Express Publishing, 2014

In particular, you need to think of the following:

  • Equipment. What equipment is available in the presentation room? Is it compatible with your device? What connecting cables are needed? Are they available and in good working order? Can you set up/start the equipment yourself?
  • Presentation Room. Have you surveyed the presentation room? What possibilities are there to move around? Is the room too bright or too dark? Do all participants have a clear view of the screen and yourself? Can they all sit comfortably?
  • Presentation Time. When is your presentation scheduled for? How will the time affect the participants? What can you do to battle their fatigue at the end of a very long day? Or kindle their interest in the early hours of the morning?
  • Have a Plan B. What if the copy of your presentation is corrupted? What if the projector dies? What if the software is not compatible with yours? Have you thought of alternative ways of delivering your speech? Do you have (enough) hard copies of your speech to use?

Remember that a presentation is all about the audience. They are (and should be) the focus of your attention. What they care about most is content. There are definitely more than one way the cookie crumbles. More specifically, more that one way to make your point – and your mark.

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