software activities.

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Refer to the software section for clarifications.

Tip #1.

  • When planning your presentation decide on your key points.
  • Use a storyboard format (an A4 size paper divided into six boxes) or a canvas format (a blank A4 size paper).
  • Place them in a logical sequence.
  • Which one do you think your audience would understand more readily?
  • Which one do you feel more comfortable working with?

Tip #2.

In order to decide how elaborate you would like to make your presentation, consider the following example.

You have been asked to sell the vases below.


  • First, consider the features of each sample (shape, decoration, design, colour, etc.) as well as possible content (a single flower or an assortment of flowers).
  • Then think which one you prefer. Where would you put it? Which one would you want to be associated with? What would you like people to notice, the vase or its contents?
  • Finally, think about possible buyers (age, background, etc.) and possible settings (private, professional, etc.) suitability, etc.
  • Now, re-think your presentation. Which of the two samples best represents it? Does it balance content and form? What will leave a lasting impression with your audience?

Tip #3.

  • Import an existing PowerPoint presentation into Prezi.
  • Arrange the slides on the canvas in a way that looks interesting and functional to you.
  • Decide on the paths that you want to create: e.g., you can “fly” from slide 1 to slide 3, back to slide 1 before moving on to slide 2.
  • Experiment with zooming in on one of your slides to emphasize a point.
  • Remember: You may need to exercise caution: sometimes less is more.