Attributes activities.

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Refer to the attributes section for clarifications.

How expressive is your face?

Look at the facial expressions in the picture below.


Try to match each one with a feeling listed in the table that follows.

  • Which one(s) are you not certain of?
  • Which one(s) make you comfortable/uncomfortable?
  • Which one(s) would you consider appropriate/inappropriate for a presenter?
  • Which one(s) do you most commonly adopt when speaking to people?

What can you tell about arm and leg positions?

Look at the way the people in the picture below have positioned their arms.


Can you tell which picture matches which description?

  • shy, not confident.
  • alert, confident, aggressive.
  • non-threatening.
  • bored, uninterested.
  • threatening, challenging.

Which picture/description do you identify with?

Which one would you like your audience to identify you with?

How important are Gestures?

There is a popular game called Charades which is based on miming actions and communicating messages using only gestures.

Look at the picture below and try to understand what the lady is trying to do.


Which options do you consider most probable?

  • She is answering the phone.
  • She is opening a jar.
  • She is watching a film.
  • She found the solution to a problem.